SmartTruckRoute Android Truck Refund Request

SmartTruck/RVRoute Refund Request

When you fill out this form, please make sure that your email address in your request is exactly the same as the one you used when you placed your order. Due to privacy concerns, Google only gives us your order number, and your email address. Both were emailed to you by the Google Play Store when you placed the order for your subscription. These are the only two entries that will help us to identify your order and allow us to request a Google refund on your behalf. As indicated in our FAQ we offer a 48-hour money back guarantee. We cannot request money outside of this time period. We will appreciate it if you can give us feedback on why you are requesting the refund so that we can help other drivers in our future products. Allow 24-48 hours for a response after submitting your request. Thank you for using SmartTruckRoute. We hope to see you back again.

You have exceeded 48-hour money back guarantee period. Sorry, you are therefore not eligible for a refund.