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Yes. Program that you downlowded, whether it is smarttruckroute or smartrvroute, will allow you to do routes every day from 1 to 2 pm EST and between 1 and 2 am EST.
Click here to see the latest pricing plans for the best Android in-cloud navigation app for truck drivers. You can easily place the order using your credit or debit card for the desired subscription. The plans work out to a few cents per day.
Switch settings from Quickest to Shortest. Check if you have avoided tolls. This option might increase your route length substantially.
The Quickest Route setting (Most commonly used) will choose the fastest route, regardless of mileage or distance. The Shortest Route setting will choose the route with the shortest distance, regardless of speed, and may result in more turns. Prefer Freeways will create a route that minimizes State Highways, and favours Interstates which will result in longer routes for shorter distances.
No, updates are free for both maps and program.
You can view maps and investigate the menus free of charge. This application is not advertisement supported (so no annoying ads on the screen when you are driving). We are based in the U.S. and have substantial staff of some of the best programmers in Cambridge and Boston areas. Once you pay the subscription fee, there are no additional fees to route or use the app.
Yes, you may use a blue-tooth headset for phone calls, however for music and for SmartTruckRoute navigation audio you need a headset that supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Yes, any 3.5mm portable stereo audio out speaker can be used.
There are two reasons the route could disappear after a call. First, older versions of Android operating system (OS) such as 2.2 and 2.3 drop the data communication connection when you receive a phone call, this in turn drops the routing process. Update to Android 4.0 or higher to allow simultaneous use of phone for routing and receiving calls. Second, some carriers do not allow simultaneous data and phone connection. Check with your cell phone carrier for details.
Support is available via email:, please include your phone number when you send an email in the event that one of our customer service representatives needs to contact you via telephone.
To reach our technical support line please call 617-542-6220.
Our company recommends to use My Data Manager . This app is free and it has ability to show you which program using how much data. To use less data :
1. Turn Traffic Off when you do not need it
2. Turn off Satellite images, as they consume a lot of data
3. Turn 3g/4g data off altogether after you get the route and just use navigation panel and route to get to your destination. Expected usage of data for 1 month with 10 hour travelling per day is about 1.5 gig. Maps are very compact and getting stores on your phone as you travel.
4. To learn exact number of megabytes used please open smarttruckroute then go to Menu then Settings then click on Data Usage
Accurate GPS position requires that you turn on Standalone GPS Service on your phone. It is also strongly recommended to turn off wi-fi service as that may conflict with data service and degrade position accuracy. Finally, be sure to position your phone or tablet such that it is close to the windshield. Before creating a route, check to see if your position is accurate. For Tablets that use wifi to communicate to the hotstop we recommend to turn off mobile network location based on wifi and only use GPS Location Services for positioning.
Yes, select the center position icon (red cursor) on the side of the map. (The cursor may appear on the left or the right side depending upon the installed version).
Yes, select the reroute icon on the bottom right of the map. It will still create truck friendly routes.
Yes, you can use a free "fake gps" program to route from another location. The concept of Fake GPS is to use location on the map you marked as your present position. Once you mark the position on the map and activate option Fake then any program that tries to read GPS position from the phone will read position emitted by the Fake GPS all. Remember to turn off the fake program when you are ready to navigate from your real position. FAKE GPS is free app and can be located on Google Play.
You may receive a data connection / internet error if during the time you attempt to create a route your data connection is momentarily lost. Normally we will attempt to contact the server at least twice before displaying this message.
Newer Android systems such as "Jelly Bean" which is OS 4.1 require all languages to be installed in order to obtain English. This is a known Android issue for that release and is unrelated to SmartTruckRoute. We are confident that Google will update their system.
In addition to the standard Google voice Android based phones and tablets can use any other text to speech voices found through Google Play such as Ivona and SVOX. This WIKI article gives step by step instructions for selecting and configuring voices on Android systems. To change voice go to Android System then Language and input then Text-to-speech options and select your voice and speech rate. Listen to the built-in example before saving options selected.
Yes. View the maps using the satellite image option.
Yes. Traffic overlay option is built in to the maps. To route around the traffic you may want to change your settings from "Truck Quickest" to "Truck Shortest". If the route line seems obscured, it is advisable to hide traffic after reviewing.
Change the route settings to one of the car settings (instead of truck settings), if the route can be created then you can be assured that there is some type of truck restriction such as a low bridge, weight restriction, or commercial vehicle restriction which prohibits the route from being created.
Yes, if you have a smartphone that offers GPS you can use the "tethering" option to allow your Tablet to access the GPS function on your phone. Contact your phone company or search Google Play for the proper app. There is also a free app called FOXFI which can be used to tether your tablet to your phone.
Most likely this will not happen since we use Google, which is the largest address search engine in the world. If you do not see the address, try to search by business name or the zip code. You might also try the built-in voice recognition, perhaps it will find a better match. If you still need help, call your destination and ask them for an intersection (in other words you need the closest cross street). To search for an intersection, start with Google maps, select the point you wish to become your destination, select SmartTruckRoute as the navigation app choice.
The GPS will try to route you to the closest road even if it is an access road, therefore drive closer to the desired road to be used when exiting the parking area, then create the route.
Enter the length of your trailer. The mapping data is based on road signage.
Yes. Use the contact list on your phone or tablet to store the address. Example: Create a contact called TeleType, enter the address (44 School Street, Boston, MA 02108). To navigate to this contact click on the third (people) icon, when prompted select SmartTruckRoute as choice of app for navigation.
Yes. While using SmartTruckRoute, enter the Latitude and Longitude coordinates such as 42.1234,-71.4567 directly into the address field and press Search, the coordinates will be interpreted, select the result (there will be only result listed) as your destination. You can send an email of the format or to navigate to an address or to a location
Yes. You can use one of the free conversion sites such as SCADALink Locator to convert LSD coordinates into Latitude and Longitude for use with SmartTruckRoute. Copy the resulting Latitude and Longitude coordinates such as 42.1234,-71.4567 directly into the address field and press Search, the coordinates will be interpreted, select the result (there will be only result listed) as your destination.
No, you cannot download all the maps, however if you do shorter routes you may be able to keep a few maps in the memory. By keeping the maps "in the cloud" and using your phone or tablet you will always have access to the most up to date maps. Another advantage of "map cloud storage" is that routes can be completed instantly. If you need to plan routes from other locations and you travel in areas where there is poor cellular coverage, you may want to consider one of the fully featured truck GPS such as the WorldNav Truck GPS models. Click here for the WorldNav store
Yes. SmartTruckRoute provides a free compilation service that organizes all the state reports of highway construction. Click here for the list
Install SmartTruckRoute for truck specific navigation. Use any of the following third party apps to find rest areas, truck stops, and weigh stations.

My DAT Trucker Services, Appavenger TruckStops and Truck Stops Pro, My Pilot, AllStays Truck Stops and Travel, and Allstays Rest Stops.

For RV routing we recommend RV Camps Locator-Free App. Once you find a camp that you are interested then click on the camp you want then select directions/navigation Once you select Navigate you will be prompted for the navigation program you wish to use. Select SmartTruckRoute or SmartRVRoute.
Bad Idea. Before you reset your phone please contact your phone company and request assistance on how to remove files you do not need. Factory resetting your phone will result in the need to re-activate your SmartTruckRoute subscription (which can take up to one full business day to re-activate).
Yes, if you plan to use more than one device you would need to purchase a subscription for each device. In the case where you swap your device (due to upgrade or malfunction of the phone) you can request a subscription transfer. (See separate FAQ for subscription transfer). (See separate FAQ for subscription transfer).
You can re-assign your subscription to another Android device (you cannot transfer to iPhone). Install the most recent SmartTruckRoute on your new phone. (Click the Download tab on this site for the latest app). Attempt to create a truck route. At this point a message will appear on the screen indicating that you need to purchase the app. Instead of purchasing, select the option called Already Paid - Reactivate. Use the self service form to accomplish the re-activation. You will need to provide your order number and the email address that you used when placing your original order. Your subscription will be transferred at no charge. In order to transfer the subscription to a new phone you must use a unique email address for each subscription. Therefore, if you have more than one truck, and you want to use multiple phones, be sure to buy the app using a unique email address and also retain your order ID from the email that is automatically sent to you when you place an order. Use this link if you forgot your order and want to retrieve it A service fee of $4.95 will be charged if you require customer service assistance via telephone in order to accomplish the transfer. To avoid the fee, use the self-service option built into the app.
No. Android and Apple products are managed by two different companies that process the payments therefore you cannot transfer from one platform to another. You are welcome to transfer within the same OS, so if you have an Android phone and an Android tablet you can transfer between them. If you have an iPhone subscription you can use on all of your devices that sync with iTunes, so you could for example use both the iPhone and an iPad.
To protect your privacy, Google does not attach your personal information to the SIM card to the physical device (ie your phone) because if it is sold your data would released. Just as you need to activate Google email every time you do a hard reset, you need to activate SmartTruckRoute. Check the previous question for instructions on re-activating your subscription.
Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the application you can request a refund within 48 hours of your download and specify the reason for the refund request. Be sure to reference your order number. Your credit card payment will be fully refunded. Note that the Truck Routing subscription will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to obtain routes. You can however re-purchase the application at a later date. Remember, current subscribers receive free updates. We also do not renew subscription automatically. We do not have your credit card on file as all transactions done with "Secure Processing" through banks. Email refund request to:
Yes. If you would like to become a beta tester please email your request to Once we will need person to test our product we will send you an email and product to test
Yes, we provide free assistance to you to help you integrate your application with truck specific navigation to provide a complete solution for your customers. Contact us with your request at
Yes, dispatchers and developers can push destination coordinates to the SmartTruckRoute app by following these examples:

Brings up Address Search View and searches for anything after "q="

Brings up Address Search View and searches for closest address near lat/lon after "q="

Directly routes to lat/lon after "loc:". This does not reverse geocode the lat/lon.

Same behavior as #1 but instead uses anything after "daddr="

Directly routes to lat/lon after "@" and uses the text after "daddr=" for the label to store in history. This does not reverse geocode the lat/lon.

6),42.37,-71.03 Same behavior as #5 but instead uses "geocode=" for lat/lon. *Note the extra "0," before the lat.

The above URIs are for intercepting routing requests on the device. ie. Links from email or webpage. If no default app was specified by the user, SmartTruckRoute will show up as a potential app in the pop-up list that lists all available routing apps on the device. Since these are links, Web browsers also show up in the list.

7) google.navigation:///?q=Boston,MA
This follows all rules from above for anything after "q=". Can also use "daddr". This directly targets a navigation app. This URI is for other apps to request routing by a navigation app. The native Google Maps app uses this to call their own Navigation App. SmartTruckRoute will intercept this if the user did not already specified a default navigation app.

This targets SmartTruckRoute only. Uses same rules for "q=" and "daddr=". Since it is still a link, it will also include web browsers in the list of app choices.

9) smarttruckroute.navigation:///?q=Boston,MA
This is for apps to target SmartTruckRoute only. Uses same rules for "q=" and "daddr=". This will startup SmartTruckRoute automatically because no other app is using this URI.

10) Send multiple destinations
In the same email include following example:,MA,42.37,-71.03,MA

Each link can be hyperlinked to have a better appearance
Please go to Settings on your smartphone, then click on Applications Manager then hit Menu and do Reset All Preferences. In most cases this solves many issues that accumulated due to the conflicts of different apps on your phone.
Recommend to clear cache and data of your App.

To clear the cache and data from an Android app:
1. Press your device's Home button.
2. Press your device's Menu button.
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap Application Manager.
5. Scroll to find the app you want to clean up, then tap the app icon.
6. Tap Force Stop.
7. Tap Clear Data.
8. Tap Clear Cache.
SmartTruckRoute relies on the phone (or tablet) to provide an accurate GPS location. To improve and test accuracy, see the following suggestions:
1. Be sure the GPS location is turned on. If it is On then turn in Off and then turn it On again. Go to Smartphone Settings. Select Location Services and make sure Stand Alone GPS service is turned On.
2. Within Android setting for faster fix select under Location and Mode method "High Accuracy"
3. If you are still not certain we recommend that you download the following free app from Google Play: GPS Test. This app will clearly allow you to verify the functionality of the GPS on your phone (or tablet).
4. Make sure icon of GPS on the top of your phone's home page bar is not blinking. Blinking indicates position is precise enough to navigate.
5. Under settings location services activate all option to assist gps in finding location
6. Download utility Gps Status & Toolbox This utility will report to you precisely what satellites your phone can see. Please keep in mind that your phone needs to see at least 4 satellites to obtain position.
7. Position your phone close to the wind-shield of your vehicle for better reception. Please keep in mind that GPS devices operate in Line Of Site and that means there should be no obstruction between the back of your phone and sky. With no obstructions you will see over 6 satellites, but buildings and bad weather might hinder GPS reception. GPS receptions depends on the settings of the GPS installed in your phone. Please check location settings on your phone. If you're struggling to get your position fixed in a built-up area, try to move your phone closer to the windshield.
8. We got reports that to improve quality of GPS on at least Samsung phone the back inside frame under the back panel has to have screws tighten up. We tested in the lab and verified that it is true.
9. We recommend, for better fix to keep your phone charging